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Garbage Collection Contract Town of Trinity

Terms of the garbage collection for the Town Council of Trinity by contractor, for a two year period

(A) The first collection is to be on September 3rd, 2007 and the last to be on August 31st, 2009.

(B) Collection is to be on Mondays starting at 8:00 a.m.

(C) Contractor to take all household garbage on collection day. All garbage must be bagged at a reasonable lifting weight.

(D) Collection during the spring clean-up week is to be negotiated with Council. If weather is unfit for collection then it will be the next fine week. This collection can be done over a number of weeks if the weather is not fine. All garbage to be taken at this time. All meaning anything left by householder as garbage that can be handled by two persons.

(E) Garbage is to be netted in transit to avoid litter en-route.

(F) Garbage disposal will be transported to the Charleston Sweet Bay Waste Disposal Site.

(G) The Council requires that the public be given one week notice before changing the day of collection. If bad weather necessitates an alternate day for a collection, the public should be given as much notice as possible.

(H) In the event of illness or emergency, the contractor may hire another person to fulfill the contract. The Council is not liable for any damages these persons do to themselves or to the contractor vehicle.

(I) The Council requires proof of registration with Workers Compensation Commission of Newfoundland and Labrador.

(J) The Council will only discuss contract business with the contractor, not the workers or helpers.

(K) Any problems or potential problems regarding collection of garbage or disposal, be brought to the attention of Council for remedial measures to be taken.

(L) The Council shall make payments to the contractor, not employees or helpers, at the following intervals, monthly, after the last collection of the month

(M) Any deficiencies by the contractor in fulfilling the above terms shall be cause for Council to terminate this contract by a 30 day notice, with an obligation to pay only for collections actually made before the termination date set by Council, with no obligation to pay for terminating the contract for cause.

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